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Sound Motive creates effective 2and 3D animations for companies in Oxford and beyond. Understanding technology and marketing we can visualise your business product or service
with an attractive animation that delivers commercial results.

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Whether you need an animated explainer video, a cartoon that promotes a software platform, a Mode of Action animation to demonstrate a medical technology product, CGI to demonstrate your prototype or motion graphics to enhance a corporate video, we can deliver these and more. We are also experienced in conceptualising and developing character designs for client videos.

With decades of experience in animation and graphics, we have many examples of animation that you can see on our Work page. Please filter by ‘Animated’.

"Played a crucial part in securing customers and investment”
Founder, Oxford Space Systems

3D Animation for Earth Observation platform

2D Animation for Software product

2D/3D Animated explainer for Lacuna Space

3D Animation for Water-powered propulsion system

3D Animated Explainer Video for Lucy Electric

3D Animation for In Orbit Servicing technology

What are the different types of animations you can use?

2d animation

2D Animation

2D animation is generated in two-dimensional space like marks drawn on a piece of paper or a bar chart with an ‘X’ and a ‘Y’ axis. You might choose to use 2D animation if you want to simplify an abstract concept or convey humour.

Typically 2D animation uses separate layers or planes populated with objects that are defined by outlines and/or coloured shapes to depict the subject. Depth tends to be created by illusion using techniques like reduced scale and increased softness or colour tone. A cultural example would be Ray Goossens TV series  ‘The Adventures of Tintin’.

aerokit_work_gallery_thumbnail-84bdf2bd Animation Services | Oxford Animation | Sound Motive

3D Animation

3D animation is generated in three-dimensional space so shapes have depth too - like real physical objects. This depth is represented by a third ‘Z-axis. You might choose to use 3D animation if you want technical accuracy and realism with a more serious tone.

3D animation is useful when you need to get to places where physical cameras cannot go. Computer Generated cameras can travel in space or time! Great if you need to visualise what your completed prototype will look like or the chemistry behind your medical product.

Typically 3D animation uses one environment or scene and the actual space between objects rather than layers or planes to create depth.

It usually avoids outlines and illusions, either because this looks unrealistic or because they are not needed because the distance between objects is sufficient to create a sense of space. A cultural example would be the Stephen Spielberg film ‘The Adventures of Tintin’.


Screen-Shot-2017-12-29-at-14.48.20-84496582 Animation Services | Oxford Animation | Sound Motive

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics, kinetic text (moving typography) and animated infographics can be used to bring static words and images to life and can enliven corporate videos.

6770126_orig-ac09ba87 Animation Services | Oxford Animation | Sound Motive

Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion animation is captured one frame at a time. Physical objects are moved between frames - think Wallace and Gromit. Here is an example of a stop motion animation we have produced.

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